Bed Bug Treatment Options in Cincinnati

Local news sources have reported extensively on the fact that Cincinnati has one of the highest bed bug infestation rates in the country. In 2017 our beloved city was number two on the list and thankfully dropped a few spots to number five on the list for 2018. The improvement is
welcomed but being on the list at all means that bed bugs are still a very real threat for the residents of Cincinnati. If you fear a potential bed bug infestation then it may be helpful to understand the treatment options that
are available for residents.


Bed bugs do not like high levels of heat. Because of this, there are treatment options available that involve the use of high-powered heaters throughout infected areas of your home. This method can be effective but can also pose a threat to certain materials that you may have in your home. Before you opt for this type of treatment, make sure that you remove anything that can potentially be melted or damaged by being exposed to such high heat.

Room defoggers

Room defoggers, or bug bombs, are a common DIY option for treating many types of pests. If you visit the local hardware store you will find a number of treatment options for bed bugs. Room defoggers have the ability to kill off the pests that come in contact with the airborne pesticide. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate partially because of their ability to get deep into the smallest of crevices. Homeowners often find it difficult to completely get rid of bed bugs with this method because some are so well hidden that they are never exposed to the pesticide released into the air.

Pyrethroid insecticides

Pyrethroid insecticides, when applied by a professional, are the most effective treatment option for bed bugs. This type of insecticide is part of a class of insecticides used by both consumers and professionals. You can find treatment options in this class that are effective for treating bed bugs. The key to getting the best results from this type of insecticide is to have a professional do the treatment. Eradicating bed bugs requires you to identify the problem areas and treat them directly. These frustrating pests are excellent at hiding and avoiding detection from the untrained eye. A professional will know where to look for bed bugs and how to identify signs of activity. Finding the areas where bed bugs are active will allow for direct treatment.

There are a number of ways that bed bugs can get into your home. You can take precautions to minimize your risk but it is possible for even the most proactive homeowners to develop a bed bug infestation. Understanding the bed bug treatment options available in Cincinnati will prepare you to make a quick and informed decision if you ever discover a problem.