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If you have discovered carpenter ants in or around your home, business or property, we have a solution. Sure Thing Pest Control has been eliminating carpenter ant infestations and problems since 1998. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and trained at discovering the source of the carpenter ants and eliminating them there. Ants invade when they are looking for food and shelter, but you rarely see the source of where they are coming from. When you get them at their source, you eliminate them for good.

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Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants are often mistaken for termite swarms or colonies. Carpenter ants are not as damage prone as termites unless they get into your home, business or property. To eliminate carpenter ants it is important to understand and locate their satellite nests as well as the parent nest that houses the queen. At Sure Thing Pest Control we have the team and experience to destroy the carpenter ant nests. If you locate or think you know where the nests are, it is highly advisable that you don’t try to destroy them yourself. Contact a Pest Professional since killing carpenter ants is not easy and may take several treatments.

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Sure Thing Pest Control has protected countless Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky homes & businesses from carpenter ant infestations and carpenter ant problems. Locally owned by Glenn Scherzinger and Jerry Zapf, they bring over 55 years of combined experience to Sure Thing Pest Control, as well as, a quality reputation.

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Christi C. Says


Sure Thing Pest Control is definitely our first choice when it comes to pest control. They are very personable and did a great job explaining the service while identifying the problems and solutions to be completed. Great people help to make a company great!

Linda Says


We have been a long term customer of Sure Thing and love the prearranged service. Our technician gives great attention to detail and points out things that we don’t see. Highly recommend this organization!!

Kathleen Says


Sure Thing came out to handle a yellow jacket nest in a difficult location–inside our front porch. They were able to take care of the nest quickly and without any damage to the house. The cost was extremely reasonable.

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