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These Little Red Ants

Those little red ants you’re seeing on the concrete may not be ants… They’re actually clover mites…..

Clover mites are accidental invaders that can be nuisances during the early spring and occasionally in the fall. They are very small, reddish-brown creatures that appear only as moving dark spots to the naked eye. Sheer numbers, plus the resulting red-brown stain left behind if they are crushed, make them unwelcome visitors. The red stains are not blood, they are the mite’s body pigments. Clover mites are not blood feeders and will not harm people or pets, nor will they infest household products. Once inside a home or building, they will soon die. 

As the name implies, clover mites feed on clover and grasses. They can be especially abundant in the heavy, succulent growth of well-fertilized lawns. Clover mites usually enter a home around windows or doors so they are usually seen crawling along sills or thresholds. Clover mites can crawl up outside walls and may enter the buildings at upper levels. 

Clover mites are a temporary nuisance; they appear suddenly and then are gone. A soapy rag or wet sponge can be used to clean mites off of surfaces. Wipe carefully to avoid crushing the mites and causing stains. The crevice tool of a vacuum cleaner may also be used to pick up mites. Rely on non-chemical control indoors. Do not apply insecticides to kitchen counters or other interior surfaces. 

There is an increased potential for invading structures when grass extends up to the foundation. A plant bed or open area will provide a barrier that will stop many mites and provide a long-term solution to persistent problems. Avoid overfertilizing lawns. This creates situations that are ideal for mites to increase to tremendous numbers. 

Mites seen on the outside of buildings can be killed with a direct spray of insecticidal soap or regular liquid dish-washing soap at the rate of 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. This treatment will not provide any residual control. 

by Lee Townsend, Extension Entomologist
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture 

Customer Portal to Better Serve You

We’re excited to announce that our online customer portal is fully functional to better serve you.

View payments and service history

Request estimates and service calls

Make secure online payments

Set up autopay for scheduled payments

Get pest prevention tips

To enroll your account online you’ll need to:

  1. Visit our website “
  2. Click on the “my account” tab
  3. Under the “Sign In” section on the right side of the screen click the “Create New Account” button
  4. At this point, you’ll need to enter your customer #, Street # (do not enter your street, just your street #), Zip code and then the email you wish to use to access your account
  5. You’ll need to access your email that you registered with. You should receive a confirmation email from customerportal@surething. Click the link in this email and you’ll be redirected to finish your registration.
  6. Create a password for your account. You should be redirected to your newly created customer portal page. (If you’re not redirected you’ll need to go back to the “my account” tab on our webpage and sign in from there using your email and newly created password.)

If you have any questions about registering your account or run into any issues please reach out to Corbin at 513.247.0030.

A New Site For Sure Thing Pest Control

At Sure Thing Pest Control, we’re excited to welcome you to our new website. Since our inception, we have been a committed company to quality service with guaranteed results—this website will act as a reflection of that.

Developed to teach our customers more about the common pests found in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, this website helps with the first steps of pest control—knowing the pest. In our new Navigation bar, you will find a section titled Pest Library. In this section, you will find encyclopedic information for the pests that seem to bug home and business owners the most often. Some of the information we include is tips on how to prevent each creepy-crawler. This is so you can do some do-it-yourself pest control if you’d like.

We do understand, however, that some infestations require professional attention. When it comes to the harder-to-get-rid-of pests like Termites or Bed Bugs, we’ve dedicated entire sections to them. In each section, we talk about the professional pest control service we offer titled The Sure Cure.

The Sure Cure is customized based on your pest control needs, but we do list the basic steps of what actions we will take for each pest on our website. This is so you are aware of what we will be doing before we ever arrive at your home or business.

Do you think your home or business requires The Sure Cure? If so, you can email us at or call us at 513.247.0030.

Tell us what’s bugging you.

Otherwise, enjoy our new and improved website.