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Will Regular Pest Control Services Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

The discussion about bed bugs always seems to pick up as summer approaches. This is partially because people are starting to understand the connection between traveling and bed bug infestations. As travel picks up, more people are at risk of bringing home bed bugs from hotel rooms or airplanes. You can protect your home from

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Tips for Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Home

No one wants cockroaches in their home. They are disgusting pests that can spread disease to you and your family. They can contaminate surfaces in your home and get into your food supply. Cockroaches come into your house in search of water, food, and shelter. You can minimize the likelihood of getting an infestation by

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Levels of Pest Control Protection You Can Get for Your Home

Pest control is a service that should be tailored to the needs of your home for maximum effectiveness. You can choose from a variety of service options through your pest control professional including one time treatments and treatments that are set up on a recurring basis. If your needs do not fit within the standard

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The Weather is Getting Warmer-Does That Mean More Pests

As the weather warms up people start spending more and more time outside. The words ‘summer’ and ‘barbecue’ seem like they belong together because just about everyone wants to be outside when the weather is nice. But, there do seem to be some drawbacks to the warmer weather-one of which is an increase in bug

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Ants are a common sight during the summer. Through the colder months these pests hunker down to overwinter-or wait out the cold. But, when things warm up ants get out and about once again. Ants are always on the search for food when the weather is warm and they are very skilled at finding even

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Can I Get Pest Control Services for Flying Insects

If you have flying insects around and/or in your home it can be very frustrating. Flies are annoying, difficult to catch, and can mess up your food by landing on it to get a bite. Other flying insects such as mosquitoes, bees, and wasps are bothersome and have the potential to be dangerous. Each of

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What Steps Can I Take to Prevent Termite Damage

Termites have the ability to cause more damage than just about any other type of pest. They will eat away at the structural wood of your property 24/7 until you stop them. The best way to save you the headache and expense of dealing with termite damage is to prevent it from occurring in the

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How Do I Protect My Home from Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitos are annoying and potentially dangerous pests. They cause itchy bites and have the ability to spread disease. Most people think of mosquitoes as an unavoidable fact of life during the summer. But, there are some steps you can take now and during the summer to protect your home from these pests. You can start

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Are Bed bugs More Active during the Warmer Months

As the weather warms up it seems like pest activity increases. You have to start fighting off ants and mosquitos once again as winter gives way to spring and then summer. Another type of pest you may hear more about during the warmer months is the bed bug. Bed bugs can remain active during the

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What Options are there for Commercial Pest Control Services in Cincinnati

Keeping your place of business pest-free is important for protecting your property, your employees, your customers, and your reputation. In Cincinnati, you have a number of options for getting the commercial pest control services you need. You will have the best possible results when you work with a company that has experience with commercial pest

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