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Protect Your Home with The Sure Cure

Sure Thing Pest Control has The Sure Cure for solving pest control problems in greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. No matter if you have ants, termites, bedbugs, rodents, or roaches —our team of experts can solve any problem. Our technicians use innovative treatment techniques based on the best scientific principles and create a program designed for your home. We then implement a strategy to safely solve your insect problem. Giving you The Sure Cure solution and a peace of mind.

The Sure Cure General Pest Control Program strategy is to attack most pests outside your home before they have a chance to enter. To do this, we apply specialized formulations precisely at interception zones and other specific locations to give you pest protection for up to 3 months. The Sure Cure program provides results that are in harmony with your needs, request, and expectations.

What is The Sure Cure?

What To Expect From The Sure Cure Service

General Pest Control Initial Inspection and Treatment

First, we will inspect the structure and make you aware of any deficiency permitting pest infestations and damage. We’ll then note any identified pest activity for treatment. Next, The Sure Cure program is designed. Our treatment will focus on localized interior applications to solve immediate pest issues. The exterior insect activity will also be targeted and treated. Additionally, spider webs will be removed with Webster. Finally, we’ll establish interception zones with liquid, dust, and/or bait by applying it to the structure. We will also apply a granular application to the soil around the structure to extend the interception zone.

Quarterly Follow Up Visits

Seasonal changes often invite re-infestation or occasional invaders. Mice are especially problematic as cold weather begins—that’s why we offer follow-up visits. During a quarterly visit, we’ll inspect the exterior of your structure and note any activity and harborage areas. Then we’ll apply residual products to perimeter interception zones. We’ll also remove spider-webs with Webster, reapply granular application, and treat any spot with new activity.

Family First Pest Control

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Quick Service

We want you to have the peace of mind that your home will stay pest-free, for good. Not only do we guarantee that our pest control treatments will rid your home of any current pests, but should you suspect any problems in-between our regular visits, your pest exterminator will be happy to return to conduct a pest inspection and treat it if necessary, at no extra cost. Our top priority is keeping your home safe and pest-free, guaranteed.

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