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A Guide to Mosquito Prevention in Cincinnati

Mosquitoes are found all around the world and especially in Cincinnati with the moist climate we have. Yes, they are an announce that can ruin an evening outdoor with the itchy bites that they leave behind. But they pose a far more serious health threat. In fact, mosquitoes are considered one of the deadliest animals in the world because of the diseases they can transmit. In the Cincinnati region mosquitoes are known for carrying West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever and now growing concerns about Zika making its way to Cincinnati with one case being reported last year.

Mosquito Habits
Before we dive into tips for preventing mosquitoes in Cincinnati we need to have a better understanding of their habits so we can begin to think like a mosquito. Mosquitoes are typically out during dawn and dusk when it’s cooler. Something interesting about mosquitoes is only the female bites and feed on humans.  They need a blood meal in order to lay fertile eggs in water. In addition to feeding on blood, both the male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar from flowers as their main source of energy.

Mosquito Attractions
The question we get all the time is how come I get bit all the time and my significate other doesn’t? Studies have shown that there are certain factors that have an effect on how attractive a person is to mosquitoes. Some factors that can be avoided that have been found to attract mosquitoes are dark-colored clothing and perfumes. While other factors such as blood type, body temperatures, bacteria and oils on the skin have been found to be attractive to mosquitoes. These factors are out of our control because it’s part of our bodily makeup, but there are somethings you can do to lower your chances of getting bit.

Mosquito Breeding Areas
Preventing mosquito around your home first starts with removing standing water from around your home. Mosquitoes in Cincinnati lay their eggs in standing water where the larvae will then develop. This is why it’s important to empty containers such as flowerpots, pool covers, baby pools after rainstorms, buckets, empty tires and wheel barrels to just name a few common spots. Water in birdbaths should also be regularly changed as well.

Mosquito Breeding Areas


Mosquito Prevention
Most mosquitoes in Cincinnati are active mostly around dusk and dawn, so avoiding the outdoors during these times will reduce the likelihood of getting bit. But this just isn’t feasible we obviously want to enjoy our backyards, this is why we recommend wearing long sleeves, long pants and using insect repellent that containing 20 percent DEET when you’re outside to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Additionally placing a small fan outside can help reduce mosquitoes since they’re not strong flyers, lighting citronella candles and Tiki Torches can also help to repel them away from your outdoor environment.

Mosquito Treatments
Sure Thing Pest Control provides a mosquito treatment program that runs from April through Sept. / Oct. which helps to greatly reduce the numbers of mosquitoes around your home. This is a service we starting providing about 10 years ago for special events such as parties, festivals, and sporting events. We then starting providing this to our residential customers about 5 years ago with the rising and growing concern of West Nile virus, Dengue fever and most recently Zika finding its way into the Cincinnati region. We’ve seen great results with this program in our own yards and our customers have told us it has helped them to regain their outdoor environment again. Contact us today for more information of this program.