5 Most Common Reasons You Have Bed Bugs

No one wants to deal with a bed bug problem. But, if you have a bed bug infestation you understand that not dealing with it is not an option. As you make plans to eradicate your home of bed bugs it is a good idea to figure out why you developed the issue in the first place. This knowledge can help you prevent future infestations. Listed below are five of the most common reasons you have bed bugs.

You did not completely eradicate a previous infestation.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate once they have set up residence in your home. They are small and excellent at hiding which makes it difficult to know for sure if you completely eradicated an infestation. Many homeowners attempt to get rid of bed bugs through DIY methods like bug bombs and spot treatment. These methods will kill the bed bugs but only those that come in contact with the poison. The fact that bed bugs are small and good at hiding means that they often get into areas that are difficult to reach with these DIY methods. If you had a bed bug infestation in the past and have discovered another one it is highly likely that it is a result of failing to fully eradicate the previous infestation. Your best option for getting rid of bed bugs is to bring in a professional with the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary for the job.

You brought bed bug infested items into your home.

Mattresses are not the only thing that can become infested with bed bugs. Upholstered chairs, couches, other bedroom furniture, and even clothing can bring bed bugs into your home. Shopping for these types of items second hand puts you at risk for bringing in these pests. If you have developed a bed bug problem recently then take stock of the used items you have brought into your house. That chair you want to re-cover could be the source of your current woes. You can minimize your chances of bringing bed bugs in this way by carefully examining each item for signs of pest activity before bringing it inside your home.

You stayed in a bed bug infested hotel.

Hotels are well known as a potential culprit for spreading bed bugs. If the person who stayed in the hotel room before you has a bed bug problem at home it puts you at risk for developing an infestation. These pests can travel on a variety of items from an infested home to the hotel. Do a visual inspection of the bed and surrounding areas in your hotel room to check for bed bugs.

You picked bed bugs up on a plane or bus ride.

Bed bugs are not only present inside of houses or bedrooms. They can travel on clothing, suitcases, and a variety of other items. As with a hotel, when you travel by plane or bus you share a space with a variety of people. If someone has a bed bug issue at home these pests can travel on their clothing or luggage and make their way to the seats of planes and buses. If you are unlucky enough to sit in one of those seats you may have an unwanted passenger accompany you home from your trip. Bed bugs do not like heat so drying your clothes on the hottest setting possible immediately upon arriving home can kill off any pests traveling with you.

Your neighbors have bed bugs.

In certain living arrangements bed bugs can spread quickly from home to home. If you live in an apartment complex, duplex, or condo then you may have bed bugs because your neighbor has them. The close proximity of this type of living arrangement makes it easy for bed bugs to spread between units. If you live in one of these housing arrangements and have bed bugs let your neighbors know so everyone can be proactive in prevention and treatment.

Whatever the reason for your bed bug infestation the end result is the same-you have bed bugs! Immediate action is important to prevent the infestation from spreading to others and increasing in severity. Bring in a top notch exterminator from the beginning to effectively eradicate these pests from your bed and your home.