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Which Pests Pose the Biggest Threat to My Business

A pest infestation at your business can have serious consequences. If customers encounter pests while in your store, office, or restaurant you could lose their business and sustain damage to your reputation. For businesses that package, prepare, or serve food a pest problem can be catastrophic. Failing a health department inspection due to pests will damage your reputation and can even lead to having your food related business closed down. There are also pests that can cause damage to your inventory and property. Three pests that pose the biggest threat to your business include roaches, rodents, and termites. Every business owner needs to proactively protect against these pests.


Roaches pose a big threat to your customers and to the reputation of your business. They are attracted to the food, water, and shelter that are available inside your business. These pests crawl through some pretty nasty stuff and pick up bacteria on their bodies and legs. They can then transfer these bacteria onto the surfaces in your business-like counters and tabletops-and contaminate any food they crawl over or into. If you serve food a roach infestation has the potential to literally make your customers sick.


Rodents are attracted to the food available in your building and can usually chew their way into it. They are a lot like roaches because they can contaminate your food supply and spread disease. In addition, many types of rodents do physical damage to properties. They can chew through electrical wires, paper, cardboard, and building supplies such as sheetrock. The potential harm that rodents can cause to your customers and property make them a big threat to your business.


Termites will not contaminate food or scare off customers by running out in front of them. But, they still pose a big threat to your business. Termites eat away at structural wood of buildings and causes serious damage to properties in the US every year. A colony of termites can eat away at your property twenty-four hours per day. If a termite infestation goes untreated for long it can lead to extensive damage that is costly to repair. Termites are also a big threat because they are notoriously difficult to eradicate. They often build their colonies under or near the ground. You will typically find them eating wood under your property and possibly inside the walls.

There are other pests that can cause problems for business owners but roaches, rodents, and termites are three of the most problematic. Commercial pest control services can protect your business from the consequences of a pest infestation. You can set up regularly scheduled pest control services and keep your business continuously protected from any pests that pose a threat.

Which Pests Pose the Biggest Threat to My Business

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