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The Weather is Getting Warmer-Does That Mean More Pests

As the weather warms up people start spending more and more time outside. The words ‘summer’ and ‘barbecue’ seem like they belong together because just about everyone wants to be outside when the weather is nice. But, there do seem to be some drawbacks to the warmer weather-one of which is an increase in bug activity. Are there more pests in the warmer months or is that simply the perception because people are outside more? What types of pests seem to be more active in the warmer months? The fact is that some pests do die off or remain inactive through the winter and then reappear once the weather warms up. Three of the most bothersome pests that show an increase in activity when the weather gets warm are mosquitoes, ants, and stinging insects.


Mosquito activity does increase when the weather warms up. Adult mosquitoes lay their eggs in water where they stay throughout the winter. The adults typically die off and the new mosquitoes reach maturity once the weather warms up. This means that you may have mosquitoes in your yard all winter just waiting for the weather to get warm enough to hatch. You can take steps to prevent mosquitoes as the weather warms up. One important step is to deal with any areas with standing water around your house. By doing this you may be able to prevent some mosquitoes from infesting your yard once the weather warms up. Mature mosquitoes are drawn to water so dealing with standing water in your yard will also help keep them away.


Ants spend most of the colder months underground waiting out the weather. Once it warms up they resurface and start actively searching for food in and around your house once again. Ants can be attracted into your home by small amounts of food. A forgotten spill, crumbs on the counter, or an overflowing trashcan can all draw ants into your house as the weather warms up. You can protect your home from attracting ants by storing food correctly, cleaning up spills, and taking your trash out promptly.

Stinging Insects

Getting stung by a stinging insect like a bee or wasp can be painful. If you are allergic to one of these insects it can be extremely dangerous to get stung. The activity of stinging insects does pick up when the weather gets warm. Like ants, they can be attracted to food especially the sweet stuff. Keep lids on your outside trashcans to help reduce your chances of attracting bees and wasps.

Warmer weather does mean more pests. You cannot avoid the increase in pest activity everywhere you go but you can take steps to protect your home. Being proactive with your home maintenance-dealing with standing water and keeping food stored properly-can help minimize issues with mosquitoes, ants, and stinging insects. You can further protect your home by hiring a pest control professional to inspect your property and apply preventative pest treatment as the weather gets warmer.

The Weather is Getting Warmer-Does That Mean More Pests

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