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Termite Tips

Tips to Reduce the Likelihood of Termite Infestation

  • Maintain landscaped areas a few feet away from the foundation of the structure.
  • Keep firewood stacked away from the structure.
  • Keep crawl spaces and basements clear of wood debris and excess moisture.
  • Fix faulty drainage and any plumbing or roof leaks that cause
    moisture to accumulate.
  • Routinely check in and around the structure for mud tubes, discarded termite wings, and general signs of termite activity.
  • If adding a room or deck to the structure, make sure the wood used has been “treated” to discourage termites

Tips If You Find A Swarm

  • Don’t panic! You have time to make a decision on treatment for termites. Swarmers are the “red flag” to let you know they are there.
  • Swarmers will always fly toward a source of light.
  • You can vacuum them up easily after swarming.
  • Swarming occurs most often in the late morning or early afternoon hours in the spring.
  • Termites do not bite and do not carry disease.
  • Look for the point where they are entering or exiting your house. If possible plug the entrance or exit point up with anything: heavy tape, putty, bubble gum, or something of the like.
  • Use a solution of water and dishwashing detergent to spray on them. This will “fowl” their wings and they will die from suffocation. Also, it will not harm you or most of the surfaces in your home. Mix 3-4 tbsp. liquid soap per 16 ounces of water. This is safe for you and your family.
  • Termites and their controls are confusing, even for some us who treat for them! You need to be able to compare methods of treatments. Listen to the presentation carefully and choose the one that offers the greatest protection for your home. Don’t expect to be able to compare treatments on price alone. Over the last couple of years, new termite baiting systems and materials have come onto the market. They are not all the same. Likewise, there are several liquid termiticide products on the market.
  • Do not purchase from the first person that says they can solve your problem! Their solution may only address their financial needs first… not yours! Remember that you get what you pay for!


How To Compare

  • Listen to several termite inspectors before deciding whom you trust to do the work. Check their references and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Check the credentials of the company you choose.
  • Companies must be licensed by the state to perform all termite treatment.
  • Be prepared to ask questions—have them written down and take notes!
  • The salesperson who sells the job will probably not be the same person who performs the work. Ask for confirmation in writing to ensure the work is done in a certain way.
  • Knowledge is key when making your decision.


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