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Spring is Here-What Pests Should I Expect in Cincinnati?

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Cincinnati. As the days get longer the temperature starts to rise and provide a reprieve from the cold. These changes are often welcomed after a cold Ohio winter. But, the changes of spring can also bring along some undesirable elements. One of these elements is an increase in pest activities. You cannot completely avoid encountering pests in Cincinnati this spring but you can take steps to keep them out of your home. Knowing which pests to expect this spring will help you be prepared to protect your home.

Termites are active in every state of the US except for one. Unfortunately for homeowners in Cincinnati, Ohio is not the state that is exempt from these destructive pests. Termites are a serious threat to homeowners in Cincinnati this spring. Swarmer termites come out as the weather heats up in the spring and search for a new place to establish a colony. Even if you have received a clean termite inspection in the past, swarmers can be a threat. This fact makes it necessary for you to remain proactive in protecting your home from termites during the spring and other seasons.

Roaches are a resilient type of pest. They are found all over the world in a variety of conditions. They are a very real threat to homeowners in Cincinnati this spring. Roaches can get into your home through small openings and are looking for shelter, water, and food. Many homes provide an ideal environment for roaches to survive. If you have a water leak or food lying around it increases the likelihood that you will develop a roach problem this spring. Addressing the issues that may be attracting roaches is an important step toward eradicating them from your home this spring.

Ants are a type of pest that seem to show up as the weather starts to warm. In Cincinnati, you can expect to encounter ants this spring. Ants are very clearly attracted by food-as evidenced by the straight lines they make on their march toward food. The small size of ants means that they can get in through breaches that are too small for many other types of pests. A combination of proper home maintenance and professional pest control can keep ants out of your house and away from your food.
Termites, roaches, and ants are just three of the many types of pests that you may notice in Cincinnati this spring. But, you do not have to become resigned to having pests in your home. Regularly scheduled pest control services can eradicate them and prevent future infestations. In Cincinnati, you can get help with all of your pest control needs from Sure Thing Pest Control.

Spring is Here-What Pests Should I Expect in Cincinnati?

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