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Ants are a common sight during the summer. Through the colder months these pests hunker down to overwinter-or wait out the cold. But, when things warm up ants get out and about once again. Ants are always on the search for food when the weather is warm and they are very skilled at finding even tiny amounts. If there is a way for ants to get into your house they will find it. There are ways to protect your house from ants this summer. If you seal up breaches, store food properly, promptly clean spills, and hire professional help you drastically decrease the chances of finding ants inside your home.

Seal up breaches

Ants are tiny and can get into your house through some seemingly nonexistent openings. But, the reality is that they do need a little bit of space to get into your house from the outside. A little home maintenance can help keep ants out. Breaches often occur around areas like doors and windows and can often be repaired with weather stripping or new caulk. Take a walk around your house and look for any obvious breaches and close those up. If you discover an ant problem, follow their line back and see if you can find their entry point. This is a great way to find out how the ants are getting inside.

Deal with food properly

Ants are on the hunt for food when they come into your house. If you have crumbs on the floor, open food packages, spills that have not been cleaned up, or an over-full trashcan you are inviting ants inside. Be careful to deal with food properly and you will be on the way toward protecting your home from ants this summer. Keep packages of food sealed up, clean any type of spill quickly, and take your trash out regularly to maximize your changes of avoiding an ant problem.

Hire professional help

Sealing up breaches and dealing with food properly will both go a long way toward helping you protect your house from ants this summer. But, ants are persistent and may find their way in despite your best efforts. If you find yourself in this situation you have the option of bringing in professional help for eradicating the ants in your home. The pest professional will inspect your home, find the source of your ant infestation, and treat it.

You can protect your home from ants this summer with a few proactive steps. Sealing up breaches around your home and dealing with food properly can both help prevent an ant infestation in the first place. But, if at any point ants do become a problem then professional help is an effective option.

How Do I Protect My House from Ants this Summer

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