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Are Bed bugs More Active during the Warmer Months

As the weather warms up it seems like pest activity increases. You have to start fighting off ants and mosquitos once again as winter gives way to spring and then summer. Another type of pest you may hear more about during the warmer months is the bed bug. Bed bugs can remain active during the colder months if they are allowed to stay in the warm environment of your home. But, warm weather is often considered primetime for bed bugs because of human activity. Vacationing-which often picks up during the warmer months-is a key way that bed bugs go from a hotel room to your house. Many unsuspecting travelers have brought home bed bugs as an unintended souvenir. Understanding how bed bugs get into your home-and what they need to survive-can help you protect against them this summer and throughout the year.

How do bed bugs get into your home?

One of the reasons you hear more about bed bugs in the warmer months is because of how they get into your home. Bed bugs can travel home with you if you are exposed to them in a hotel room, on a bus, or on a plane. These pests can hitch a ride with you on your luggage or clothes. Since a large number of people vacation during the warmer months the incidence of bed bug infestation seems to increase this time of year. You can take steps to minimize your chances of bringing home bed bugs from vacation. One way to do this is to inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs. Pull back the sheets and look along the edges of the mattress and in the seams for tiny brownish red bugs. If you find any, remove your items from the room and ask to be moved. Once you get home from a trip you can take more precautions by immediately cleaning your clothing in hot water. Bed bugs cannot survive extreme heat so washing and drying at high heat levels can kill off any bugs that you inadvertently brought home.

What do bed bugs need to survive?

The main thing that bed bugs need to survive is a living host. They feed off of human blood and typically become active at night-when you are asleep in bed. Bed bugs can literally get everything they need without leaving the comfort of your bed.

How are bed bugs eradicated?

Bed bugs are very difficult to eradicate. They are skilled at staying hidden because they are small and inactive during the day. In addition, there are few do-it-yourself options that have the ability to completely eradicate a bed bug problem. The most effective way to get these pests out of your home is to bring in professional help. A pest control professional with experience eradicating bed bugs will have the training and equipment necessary to deal with these frustrating pests.

Bed bug activity is unwelcome at any time of the year. You can protect yourself and your home from these pests by understanding how they get in and what they need to survive. A few proactive steps and possibly some professional intervention can help you sleep soundly and keep you from waking up to bed bug bites in the morning.

Are Bed bugs More Active during the Warmer Months

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